Wave Notation & Generative Music


Welcome to Moonleaf's music, a combination of Wave Notation and Generative Music.


Wave Notation was created in 1980s Japan, and is described as: 


"an object, or sound scenery to be listened to casually... it should drift like smoke and become part of the environment surrounding the listener's activity" - Satoshi Ashikawa (FromHereTillNow.com).

Moonleaf combines this idea with natural sounds and Generative Music, a term created by Brian Eno to mean music that is forever changing and different, yet created through software whose parameters are set by the artist.

Moonleaf says, "I want to draw the listener into the movement of this energy.  When one season is flowing into another, we sense that change in our body, it is like a different light as winter passes into spring. It is something that is its own entity.  And while doing this, I want to help bring the listener into a state of stillness, of thoughtlessness.  To help them to experience their true undisturbed Self."

The recordings Winter Through Spring, and Spring Through Summer, are part of four movements that will form to create a single sound composition flowing from one to the other.  At the time of writing this, the third track Summer Through Autumn is in production, due to be completed in Spring 2022.


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